Documentum Java Method

This post explains how to create BPMTimer custom method.

Types of Java Method are –

-Workflow Auto Activity Java Method (a_special_app = ‘Workflow’)
-Non Workflow Java Method – used for jobs or modules etc. (a_special_app = ‘’)
-Non Workflow Java Method for BPM Timer (a_special_app = ‘Workflow’)

Java Method for non-workflow types means we are not calling method from
 workflow auto-activity.
Same is used in Case when we are using Java Method from BPM Timer. 
But in this case we have to add a_special_app = ‘Workflow’ for 
BPM timer  Javamethod.

Create Java Class like 

public class CustomTimeMethod  implements IDmMethod {
Save and create Jar.

Then go to composer > create jar definition include jar

 Then create the method definition

Then create module

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