Documentum 16.4

Pre-requisite for Documentum 16.4 with MS SQL Server

For new SQL Server repositories, Documentum Server uses only nvarchar and nchar types,

which automatically use Unicode. If you need to determine the settings of an existing SQL
Server database, use the system stored procedure sp_helpsort or view the properties of the
particular database in Enterprise Manager.

If Documentum Server and the database are located on the same Windows host, ensure that

the database service is set to start automatically.

Requirements for Microsoft SQL Server

If you use Microsoft SQL server with Documentum Server, ensure it meets the following requirements:

• Use a full SQL Server installation on the host where SQL Server is installed. Install the SQL Server

Management Studio and SQL Server client on the Documentum Server host, regardless of whether
the database is local or remote. You need to install the required client packages from SQL Server
installation for Documentum Server to work remotely with the SQL Server database.

• Use the Custom installation option so that you can set the database code page, case-sensitivity,
and other options.
• Install the SQL Server instance in SQL Server or Windows Authentication mode.
• Install SQL Server for internationalization. The SQL Server documentation and Microsoft MSDN
website contains more details.
• Ensure that the SQL Server sort order is set to Dictionary.
• Ensure that you configure the SQL Server with the following settings:
— Max Degree of Parallelism = 1
— Allow Snapshot Isolation = ON
Ensure that the database statistics are up to date and optimal. Configure the database based on
the results after profiling the database usage

• Microsoft SQL Server

— The repository owner must be able to access tempdb, and if the account is created before
installer is run, the user must own all tables and views. Ensure that the repository owner has
the Create Any Database privilege.

Creating an ODBC data source for Microsoft SQL Server

On the Documentum Server host, create an ODBC data source for SQL Server. Please note the
• Ensure that you select a 64-bit ODBC data source using only the SQL Server driver.
• You can also use User DSN tab.
• Use the With SQL Server authentication using a login ID and password entered by the
user option for SQL authentication method. If you choose this option, enter the SQL Server
administrator login ID and password. The repository owner (database user) does not need to
have a Windows account.

The solution for aek issue :

Failed to initialize keystore at $DOCUMENTUM/dba/secure/CSaek. Internal error - 1057226514

From $documentum$ below command...

dm_crypto_boot -passphrase -all

How to revert Custom passphase to default documentum passphase:

Go to $DM_HOME/bin

Run- below command without any password it will create a aek.key file in dba/secure..folder



dm_crypto_boot –noprompt

> Edit the dbpasswd.txt and replace the password in plain text.

 > Save dbpassswd.txt.

 > Go to $DM_HOME/bin and run the following

 > dm_encrypt_password -docbase <docbase_name> -rdbms -encrypt <database_password>

Update server.ini

crypto_keyname = aek.key

Run below SQL in DB

update dm_docbase_config_s set i_crypto_key = ' ';

update dm_docbase_config_s set i_ticket_crypto_key = ' ';
delete from dmi_object_type where r_object_id in (
select r_object_id from dmi_vstamp_s where i_application = 'dm_docbase_config_crypto_key_init');

delete from dmi_vstamp_s where r_object_id in (

select r_object_id from dmi_vstamp_s where i_application = 'dm_docbase_config_crypto_key_init');

delete from dmi_object_type where r_object_id in

(select r_object_id from dmi_vstamp_s where i_application = 'dm_docbase_config_ticket_crypto_key_init');

delete from dmi_vstamp_s where r_object_id in

(select r_object_id from dmi_vstamp_s where i_application = 'dm_docbase_config_ticket_crypto_key_init');

delete from dm_cryptographic_key_s;

delete from dm_public_key_certificate_s ;
update dm_type_s set views_valid = '0' ;

Started the docbase

If you get dm_bof_registry  authentication fail issue..

Go to iapi

retrieve,c,dm_user where user_login_name='dm_bof_registry'

> set,c,l,user_password
> <Enter bof user password>
> save,c,l

From document shared location run below command to get encrypted password.

java -classpath dfc.jar dm_bof_registry

Update all places file

delete dfc.keystore file from all clients

Re run all clients.

Documentum 16.4 installation

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