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This article explains - 

How to change documentum LDAP user OU.

Move user from one OU to another OU.

Many times organisations faces problems related to moving users from one department to another

Or to another OU. While designing the LDAP configure it should be considered that in future users

can be moved to another department and that should not impact the current LDAP configurations.

You can change OU in active directory using below
Free tools like :  

Now suppose that active director user changed / moved the user to another OU or department .

Then in documentum we can easily update the user objects and then resynch the ldap job.

User below dql for user ldap details-

Read the OU value : select user_login_domain,user_ldap_dn,user_global_unique_id  from dm_user where user_name ='ABC USER NAME'
Match with Active Directory the  , take the user_ldap_dn value from LDAP Team distinguishedName or JXplorer Tools

update dm_user objects set user_login_domain=’<new ou ldap name>’ where user_name ='ABC USER NAME'
update dm_user object set user_global_unique_id =’<new ou ldap name>:'  where user_name ='ABC USER NAME'
update dm_user object set user_ldap_dn ='CN=ABC USER NAME,ou=<new ou name>,dc=subdomain,dc=subsubdomain' where user_name ='ABC USER NAME'

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