Our Softwares

Billing software for Indian Market

Can be use in Restaurant , Hotel ,  Shop with very cheap price.

Easy to select Items from different categories , add new , update items categories .

Dynamically add items ,calculate with GST , print , search orders, manage

Build using Java ,Postgres

Select Categories/Select Items Add Quantity

Add Any number of items and calculate Total, Save.


 Manage Configurations
Add new Items ,Add Tax

Edit Items

Patient Watch -

A web application that create, manage patient records and populate dynamic reports , dashboards to monitor patient statistic  developed in Java ,JSF,Primefaces ,Spring ,Hibernate . In this application we used new ideas for user to search on clicking image area, Dynamically configure table header,subheaders for reports.

Search data based on Image click .

When user click on district it displays result based on clicked district and open new page .

Child Records registration and monitoring .

 Dynamic Report with Header SubHeader configurable

Graph wise reports with filters

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